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MyMohawk: Final Grades

Final Grades Options

Your final grades can be found under the Academics tab. You have the option to view your grades by term or a complete overview of all your Mohawk grades using My Academic Progress (MAP).

Note: Your interim marks including tests, assignments and mid-term grades are posted in eLearn.

Final Grades by Term

Select Academics from the menu, as shown in the image below.
mymohawk academics option
To view grades by term, select the first option: final grades
grade options
Select the term, as shown in the image below.
select a term and click submit

My Academic Progress (MAP)

From the My Grades box, select option 2, My Academic Progress

grade options

View all your Mohawk courses, grades and green check marks will show for completed courses and courses that are still required to be completed with have a blue box.
the first section is MAP that is my academic progress

Order a Transcript

To order an official transcript of your final grades, select option 3: Transcript request.
grade options

Complete the form and either submit it at the Square or fax it to the number given on the form.