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Library Services for Faculty

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the development of 21st century digital skills that demonstrate the productive and innovative use of technology required for living, learning and working in a digital society.

To help prepare students for a technology-enabled world, the library contributes to the development of digital skills, in an experiential learning environment. Digital skills development is a building block process cultivating productive and innovative ways to use technology.

Faculty can book a Digital Project Showcase in the Collaboratory for class presentations. During a showcase, students use twelve digital screens to present simultaneously to peers, instructors and invited guests. Digital skills support for students is available by booking classroom sessions or customized workshops. Contact Kathy Hicks for information on booking a showcase or digital skills training.

Digital Poster Showcase with students presenting

The Library supports digital skills development with the following digital tools: 

  • eLearn -  customize eLearn settings, navigate content, use course tools and setup notifications 
  • Office 365 - explain the use of Microsoft online apps including the use of OneDrive to encourage organization of assignments and online collaboration 
  • ePortfolios - demonstrate D2L eportfolio tool or other free online tools/mobile apps 
  • Digital Storytelling - introduction to tools that engage an audience through the combination of images, video, narration and more 
  • Infographics & Digital Posters  demonstrate design process for creating an infographic or poster including tool selection, layout, text, colour, images and data
  • Multimedia - demonstrate college tools (Office 365), free online tools, or mobile apps for creating and editing videos, animations, and audio recordings