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Library Services for Faculty

Active/ Flexible Learning

Active learning is a key component of our library instruction services to engage students in the research process.  

We deliver experiential learning through multiple formats in classroom sessions that complement the information literacy skills we are teaching.

Learning activities include:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Flipped classroom 
  • Small group/ pair activities
  • Games
  • Think-pair-share

Cummings Library Active Learning Classroom:

  • Facilitates the combination of  instruction and practice
  • 4 smart boards with projectors that can be individually controlled
  • Configurable classroom with movable desks accommodates approximately 50
  • Students can work in groups of any size
  • Combine research with technology

Cummings Library study hall

The Collaboratory (Cummings Library, 2nd Floor) is a dynamic, informal space where students and faculty engage outside the classroom in collaborative activities, including professional poster presentations.

The Collaboratory provides:

  • 12 digital screens for presentations, including digital posters (see below)
  • Workshop-based instruction covering information resources, communication/ learning technologies, digital media tools, etc 

Digital Poster Sessions help students develop both creativity and practical research skills, demonstrating the steps required to design an effective poster using appropriate tools, while encouraging the use of their Library research guide to find quality resources for their research.

To book the Collaboratory for class presentations, contact Kathy Hicks

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