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Digital Posters: Getting Started

What is a Digital Poster?

Digital posters allow you to present your research or ideas in a visually attractive way by incorporating text, images, animation, video or audio. They are an effective tool for communicating information in a concise, visual format.

Create conversation! A well designed poster should engage your audience.

What is an Infographic?

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly (Source: Wikipedia). They catch the eye and they can publicize a great deal of information in a short space of time. 

Check out these design tips and examples for inspiration: 

Digital Posters - Class Presentation

Digital Project Showcase

Digital Project Showcase

A Digital Project Showcase is held in the Cummings Collaboratory. During a showcase, students use digital screens to share digital posters, presentations or interactive digital designs. Just like a professional conference presentation, posters visually communicate a message and engage audiences by stimulating conversation and discussion.

If you are presenting in the Collaboratory, plan ahead by booking a media table with a digital screen

Check your presentation on the screen to ensure that your poster design is displaying in the appropriate format for the size of the screen. Your poster should be 1280 px wide by 720 px high.

Use a QR Code to Promote Your Poster

Are you presenting a printed version of a posters? Add a QR code so viewers can use their smart phone to easily save the link to your poster.

QR codes or quick response codes allow viewers to save a digital copy of your poster or link to dynamic content such as further information, documents and multimedia.

How to generate a QR Code?

1. Find a website that generates a free QR Code with the following features:

  • Track the scan statistics
  • Dynamic QR Codes (allows you to modify the stored link without generating a new QR Code)

2. Enter the URL of a site that you want someone to visit

3. Download the PNG file that can be scanned by a smartphone to automatically link to your site, online document, etc.

4. Upload the PNG QR code to your poster.

The QR code can point to anything online: websites, online documents, LinkedIn profile, bios, reference list etc.