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Office 365: Getting Started

What is Office 365?

Office 365 LogoOffice 365 is a subscription service that includes access to online versions of Microsoft tools (Office Online), cloud storage (OneDrive), Office suite (Office 2016 desktop software) and mobile apps. Each user can download and install Office 2016 on 5 PCS or Macs. The Office 365 apps can also be installed and used on 5 tablets (Windows, iPad or Android), and 5 phones.

Students can access Office 365 from Outlook Online or by signing in to their Office 365 account from eLearn using the instructions shown below.


Activating the Office 365 Widget

In eLearn, look for the Office 365 box (also known as a widget). Sign into your Office365 account using your Mohawk email. You will enter your email address on two different web pages before it is activated.

Not sure what your Mohawk email is? Check out our Mohawk email guide.

Click the widget to sign in to  you Office 365 Account


The Office 365 Widget will now appear on the right hand side of eLearn.  The widget shown below includes tabs for Outlook Online, Calendar and OneDrive. 

Student Office 365 Access widget.