APA Help: In-depth Guide

What is APA?

  • APA (American Psychological Association) Style, one of the several methods used to cite sources in academic writing, is the preferred writing style of most Mohawk College faculties.
  • It includes rules how you cite information within your paper, how you create the list of reference at the end of your paper, and how you need to format your written work.


Some instructors may want you to only use APA Style to credit the sources of the information you reference. Others will require you to use all elements of the writing style. Check your assignment and follow your professor's instructions. If in doubt, ask your instructor what they expect.

APA: Two Steps to Cite

An APA Style reference has two parts.

Step 1: In-text

Step 2: Reference

APA: Formatting Rules

Everything you need to know about formatting your paper in APA Style can be found in the Formatting Guidelines pages.

APA Style Manuals

APA Style Links